DART+ West & Coolmine Level Crossing

Railway Order submitted

Late in 2022 CIE applied to An Bord Pleanála for a Railway Order for the Dart+ West project. This is the planning permission application for the project.

Have your say in the 2nd Public Consultation on DART+ West

We encourage residents of Riverwood to make submissions to Irish Rail about the current proposals for Coolmine before the 2nd public consultation on DART+ West closes on Wednesday 6 October 2021.

  • We welcome the electrification of the Maynooth Rail line and improved public transport.
  • We welcome Irish Rail’s decision to drop their proposal to build a road bridge through Riverwood estate and ask them to guarantee that they will not put forward proposals to do so ever again.
  • We have concerns about the impact of Irish Rail’s current plans on road users in the area and call on them to make every effort to avoid intensifying traffic congestion.
  • We call on Irish Rail to make every effort to keep the level crossing at Coolmine open with upgrades and improved technologies.

*The template will open as a draft email that you can edit as you see fit. Don’t forget to hit ‘send’ when you are ready to make your submission!

Current Proposals for Coolmine

In Autumn 2020, Irish Rail announced plans to close the level crossing at Coolmine and construct a large road bridge through Riverwood estate as part of their DART+ West project. Irish Rail received 1,763 submissions on the first DART+ West public consultation in Autumn 2020 overall. 947 of those submissions were concerned with the ‘emerging preferred option’ for Coolmine Level Crossing.

In May 2021 we received an update from local councillors and TDs that Irish Rail are not proceeding with their plan to construct a road bridge in Riverwood.

The new preferred option for Coolmine consists of:

  • The permanent closure of Coolmine level crossing.
  • Provision of a pedestrian and cyclist bridge at Coolmine Station, linking Coolmine Road to Carpenterstown Road.
  • As an alternative to the provision of a new vehicular bridge, the existing road network will be upgraded, and vehicular traffic re-routed to utilise the existing railway crossing points at Diswellstown Viaduct (Dr Troy Bridge) and Castleknock Bridge.

For further information about Irish Rail’s current proposals visit: https://www.dartplus.ie/en-ie/home.

Local residents associations are also a useful source of information. See:

Proposed Bridge & 1st Public Consultation

Further information about the first public consultation process and Irish Rail’s responses to some of the concerns raised in submissions related to Coolmine can be found in the DART+West, Public Consultation No.1, Consultation Findings Report, July 2021 document available here.  

For more information about our campaign against the proposed road bridge through Riverwood estate during the first DART+ West public consultation, and the reasons we objected to it, see:

Residents also raised concerns about Irish Rail’s plans in submissions to Fingal County Council during two public consultation processes on Kellystown, a new urban neighbourhood planned in Dublin 15.

Keep in touch

A second public consultation on Irish Rail’s ’emerging preferred option’ for Coolmine Level Crossing is currently underway. To stay up to date with developments, follow our Facebook page and check this site.

A subgroup of Riverwood Residents Association has been created to discuss the project and its impact on the estate and general area. If you would like to get more involved, please get in touch via the contact form.

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