Riverwood is back in catchment for CCC

We have been informed that Riverwood is back in the catchment area for Castleknock Community College. There will be further information posted to the CCC and LCC websites early next week.
UPDATE: The Report on the Public Consultation is available on web sites for both schools.

This has come about after continued negotiation by a sub committee of the residents association over the last 8 years.

The updated admissions policies will be published by the two schools in the next few weeks. We wait with great interest these policies so that we can examine the exact wording of the changes.

New Secondary School for September 2017

A new secondary school for the Carpenterstown/Castleknock area is planned to be opened in September 2017. Patrons can now apply for patronage. CEIST is hosting an Information Meeting on Monday 23 May at 8:15pm.

Urgent Meeting to discuss status with LCC/CCC Enrollment Policy

Riverwood Residents Association is holding an update meeting next Wednesday 4th April in the Diswellstown Community Centre in St Patrick‚Äôs NS at 8:30pm to discuss the status of the engagement with the VEC and the Ombudsman for Children’s Office and next steps that may be required by the residents. This meeting is important: This policy … Read more

LCC/CCC Joint Enrollment Update – February 2012

Last December we submitted a complaint to the Ombudsman for Children’s Office (OCO) about the joint enrollment policy and process. The OCO is currently considering the information that was provided to them to see if they would have a role in this issue. We are currently awaiting a response from them and hope to have … Read more

Enrollment Policy Update – 18 January 2012

Following our presentation to the VEC board in December they advised that there were getting legal advice and would get back to us. There was a VEC board meeting last Monday January 16 and are awaiting a response from VEC – we don’t believe that this legal advice was discussed at this meeting. We have … Read more

Presentation to VEC board – 5 December

We presented to the VEC board on Monday evening, the 2 principals were also in attendance, we had a short presentation. We gave each board member a pack which contained: the 2 maps from the presentation bullet points of our argument the model agreement drafts 5 & 7 of the enrollment policy email from Fr … Read more

Joint Enrollment Policy Update

Thanks to all who were able to attend the recent update meeting wrt the Join Enrollment Policy. At the meeting we went through at a high level the steps that the Residents Association has made in particular since the Dail Meeting arranged by Minister Joan Burton. In recent weeks there has been significant development – … Read more

LCC/CCC Enrollment – Dail Meeting

On Wednesday 5th October Riverwood Residents Association went into Dail Eireann hoping to get the Riverwood Estate back into the Catchment area for CCC. We were looking to Joan Burton and Leo Varadkar to influence the VEC to amend the draft proposal. Unfortunately Leo was in Brussels and Joan had to leave the meeting to … Read more

LCC/CC Enrollment Update

On October 5 a meeting has been arranged in Dail Eireann with the Residents Association, VEC, Leo Varadkar and Joan Burton to discuss the enrollment issue for CCC & LCC. We hope that a fair solution for Riverwood will be reached during this meeting and will provide an update to residents afterwards. The steps progressed … Read more