About Us

The Riverwood Residents Association was formed at its inaugural meeting, held in February 2006 in Castleknock Community College.

The Riverwood Residents Association has no official or non-official affiliation with any political parties, instead its sole aim is to represent the interests of all residents in the area. It was agreed that the Association’s activities would initially involve Riverwood Copse and Chase and cover the following areas:

  • Maintenance/enhancement of the general environment.
  • Services for residents e.g. website etc.
  • Lobbying of Fingal County Council regarding relevant local issues.
  • Development of tennis courts & other amenities.
  • Monitoring of planning activities.
  • Social events.

This is only a suggested list. We’re open to addressing any issues that are of concern to local residents, so if you have something that you need to be taken care of, use the form below to get in touch.

Where is Riverwood estate?

This map shows Riverwood estate in Carpenterstown, Dublin 15, Ireland.


Add info about estate and facilities.