New Bigbelly solar bin

Last year Fingal County Council announced that they would be installing solar bins around the county. One was recently installed beside the pedestrian crossing between Riverwood and Woodbrook.

  1. They have the ability to take double the capacity of the older black bins which results in more use of the bin as there is a compactor inside the bin to compact the rubbish. This increased capacity also reduces emptying frequency.
  2. They are monitored by an app system so Operations get daily alerts informing the of capacity of bin at 60% , 80% and 100% fullness levels so they can get the most efficiency from them
  3. Related to the increased capacity, bin vans will be able to travel to change bins that are only ready to be changed and not have to travel to bins just to check them. This reduces Fingal’s carbon footprint and allows them use their resources in other areas in Fingal.
  4. They are much more presentable than the older black bins due to the design and colour schemes which brightens up the area for people when they are out walking and also encourages people to use the bins.
  5. They reduce the manual handling aspect from changing bins as Operations can use a bin lift to change these bins. Previously some bins were full of a lot of dog waste and were in excess of 30kg.

You can read more about Bigbelly bins at the manufacturer’s site.