Burglaries in Gardens/Crescent in July and August

We received some feedback from the Community Gardai about the burglaries that took place in the Gardens and Crescent in July and August. Investigations are ongoing with the following tasks completed:

House to House

CCTV Canvass


Forensic analysis

The injured parties are being kept up to date.

With Covid 19 Guidelines relaxed from what they were a number of months ago and people going back to work and school the risk of burglaries is more prevalent. With a view to trying to minimise this risk please find the following link with some useful information – https://www.garda.ie/en/crime-prevention/securing-your-home/

People are encouraged to remain vigilant. If suspicious activity is witnessed within the Riverwood estate or you are the victim of a crime this should be reported to An Garda Siochana immediately via 999.

Anybody who wishes to speak to a member of An Garda Siochana regarding Home Security or want to avail of advice from our Crime Prevention Officer please contact Community Policing, Blanchardstown via blanchardstown_community@garda.ie