Food Waste Research – help needed

A Dutch university student (University of Groningen) has contacted us asking for help provide data for her food waste research project. She is trying to gather participants from households across Dublin to sign up to the study which will run from August 3rd to 31st.

Food for Thought: Exploring Dublin’s Food Waste” is looking for participants from households in Dublin to take part in a study on food waste, as part of a master’s thesis at University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

Specifically, they aim to promote food waste reducing behaviours (e.g. planning meals, using leftovers) with a food waste intervention and they will measure its effects across time.

For the participant this will entail completing three surveys over the month of August (first will be the most time intensive at approx. 15 mins, while the other two will be approx. 10 mins). Questions will entail providing self-reported food waste and brown bin weight, if accessible.

For more information and sign-up: