Biodiversity plan – need helpers

We have submitted a small draft Biodiversity Plan to Fingal County Council. The plan includes planting some native trees and letting some small, unused areas grow naturally.

The plan is to start small for a better chance of success. We don’t want to burden volunteers with too much to do. If we get a lot of volunteers then we can expand the plans.

Plan summary

  • Plant some native trees in a small area between the tennis courts, pump house and border railings.
  • Let a portion of the grass adjacent to the border railings grow wild. This will give the wild flower seeds already in the soil the chance to grow.
  • Let a tiny bit of grass between Chase and Glebe to grow wild. This will be enhanced with rocks and some materials as a habitat for insects. This area can then be monitored to observe insect population changes.

Helpers needed

Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved.