Gardaí have new powers to seize quad bikes

New legislation has been published to Gardaí additional powers to help tackle the anti-social use of scrambler bikes, quad bikes, and similar off-road machines in spaces such as public parks. Amendments to the Road Traffic Bill will make it an offence to use the off-road vehicles in areas previously not covered by road traffic legislation, such as waste ground, public parks, beaches and green areas.

The legislation introduces three specific measures:

  • Use of a scrambler or quad bike is prohibited on public or private land, except in cases where there is permission from the landowner. The new offence will cover places such as parks, green areas, waste ground, beaches and others. Use on private lands (such as farms) is not be affected.
  • Gardaí will be given powers to detain a scrambler or quad bike when used in a place where it is not permitted.
  • Gardaí will be able to seize the vehicles if they were used in prohibited areas and remove them from people’s homes with use of a warrant.

If you see a scrambler or quad bike being used in a public place, you can report it to Gardaí. If you have any information about where it is stored please also pass that on.