A fox in Riverwood – a good thing

We have received reports (and one photo) of a fox roaming around the estate. It’s been spotted in Copse, Heath and in Woodbrook.

One of our residents is a qualified Zoologist and send on the following information about foxes, and some home school activities.

It’s the breeding season now, with the females in heat and cubs born in March so would be great to keep it here, they are brilliant rat catchers.

Firstly they are omnivores, not carnivores. They mostly eat grubs, insects, earthworms, mushrooms, seeds, fruit and small mammals like mice and rats. Yes they will eat chickens if you have them!

They are more scared of us than them. They will shy away from us and will not confront us or eat our cats.

Foxes have become urbanised due to being able to eat our discards. There is no evidence of urban fox attacks on pets and families. They won’t attack your children or pets.  We are so lucky to have one in our midst, our very own rat killer.

Tell your children all of this so they know the facts about foxes and can enjoy being able to observe them if lucky enough to visit their garden.  Maybe we can get our kids to take some photos and post here to follow his or her trail.  He’s going to need our help if this snow comes so dried mealworms you can get in pet shop are. Great without attracting rats.  Enjoy this beauty  

Home school activities

Fox worksheet – join the dots and other activities for younger children.

Animal Signs Checklist – do we have squirrels, foxes or badgers in the estate?


A resident captured two quick videos of the fox. One during the day and another late in the event (when the fox was at the front window!!).