Register your drone

You must register as a drone operator if your drone weighs over 250 grams or if it has a camera or sensor. If you previously registered you must register again!

New regulations from 1 January 2021

The new regulations require that you register as a Drone Operator.
You no longer register the drone itself, rather you yourself become
an operator.

To register as a Drone Operator you must register with the IAA on the MySRS Portal.

Flying and operating drones in Ireland is subject to European Union Regulation 2019/947. The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) supervises and implements the Regulation in Ireland.

10 drone safety tips from the IAA

  1. Fly your drone no higher than 120 metres (400 feet).
  2. Make sure you can see your drone when flying (no more than 300 metres away).
  3. Do not fly your drone over an assembly of people, for example, at a parade, a concert or sports event.
  4. Do not fly your drone within 5 kilometres of an airport or military controlled airspace.
  5. Do not fly within 120 metres of a person, vehicle, vessel or structure not under your direct control.
  6. Do not operate your drone outside of your direct line of sight.
  7. Do not fly your drone in a restricted area such as a prison or military installation.
  8. Always seek permission from the landowner for take-off and landing. 
  9. Make sure you register as an operator at It’s the law
  10. Drone safety is your responsibility. Never operate your drone in a negligent or reckless manner to endanger life or property of others.