Road Safety Authority – Public consultation on government’s Road Safety Strategy

The Road Safety Authority is running a public consultation on government’s Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030 until Wednesday 18 November.

You can read the background document which includes a graph showing that the number of deaths on Irish roads has fallen from 458 in 1998 to 140 in 2019. It does mention that pedestrians are still the second largest fatality group, behind car occupants.

The Road Safety Authority would like to know your opinion on:

  • Theme 1: What should Ireland’s road safety priorities be for the next 10 years?
  • Theme 2: How do you think these priorities should be addressed?
  • Theme 3: Is there any part of the government’s current Road Safety Strategy 2013–2020 that the RSA should consider when planning the government’s next Road Safety Strategy?
  • Theme 4: What can we learn from others?
  • Theme 5: Do you have any other comments?

You can reply online or download a response document and complete it.

For more information see the RSA Government Road Safety Strategy page.