Meeting with Gardai about recent burglaries

Yesterday evening the Riverwood Residents Association committee met with Sergeant Rory Carey who looks after Community Policing from Blanchardstown Garda Station. We raised residents’ concerns about recent burglaries in the estate and get feedback.

Sergeant Carey advised:

  • Burglaries seemed to be targetting houses specifically to get jewellery or gold. Burglars appear to be profiling resident,s so are aware where it is more likely that there will be more jewellery/gold in the house.- Access is via back doors or patios where glass is removed or locks are forced.
  • Similar to activities last year where there was spate of robberies in D15 area over Christmas period. Gardai suspect criminals coming in from South Dublin to perform these robberies.

These properties weren’t randomly selected but have been watched and picked out where the burglars suspect they can get valuables. The Riverwood Residents Association believe that “cold callers” coming door-to-door offering services and those delivering leaflets may be involved in targeting households for burglaries at a later time.

In light of these events, residents are advised to:

  • ensure a well maintained house alarm – house alarms werer not switched on or in operation in last 2 robberies- get outdoor sensor lights – front and back
  • consider getting CCTV – may assist in any activity on your property or your neighbours
  • take photos of your jewellery/gold with any markings – consider storing in a safety deposit location.
  • communicate any suspicious activity to Gardai and also pass this info to Riverwood Aware text alert service so we can distribute

All residents need to be more vigilant and aware of strangers and unfamiliar cars in our neighbourhood. Clearly houses are being monitored to see when people leave. If you are suspicious about anything ring 999/112 – this will always be answered and call logged and appropriate priority assigned. Take down car details and reg plates and pass onto the text alert service as well, so we can broadcast to other residents.

Sergeant Carey has said that he can arrange to get a Crime Prevention Officer to call or advise residents with respect to options about securing their property. He committed to raising additional resources and patrols with the Superintendent.

If anyone wants to discuss anything about these incidents they can contact Sergeant Carey at Blanchardstown Garda Station on (01) 666-7020 or via email at

Link to Garda Crime Prevention Website – Crime prevention