Stay Safe – Stay Home – Stay Apart

Earlier this week the Government updated its guidelines to help slow down the spread of Covid 19. A major aspect was staying away from non-family members. Two metres is further apart than you might think.

For those that are meeting non-family members, please keep the number in the group to 4 or less. And keep at least 2 metres apart. The benches in the park at Riverwood Chase/Copse are 1.8 metres long. This means that if a person is sitting on the bench then others cannot as they will not be 2 metres apart! DO NOT MEET NON-FAMILY MEMBERS!

We have heard reports about teenagers hanging out in close proximity to each other. It is incorrect that young people do not catch the virus. According to Department of Health figures (to 24 March), over 10% of confirmed cases are people less than 24 years of age. 14% of those have been hospitalised.

A significant number of cases are “community transmission“, meaning that the person has not been abroad or had contact with a known case. They are contracting the virus from others that do not appear to have the virus.