Home Secuity Tips

Here are some tips from Riverwood resident Peter Murray, owner of Stop the Burglar.

Burglaries are up in our area. Before spending on upgrading your home security, Peter advises instead to look at options for a visible deterrent.

As a starting point have your blinds up as this creates a visible deterrent because the burglars are not sure if they are under surveillance from other houses. We all become unpaid guards by natural surveillance of our area and letting the GardaĆ­ know of any suspicious activity (phone 666-7000 or 999).

Furthermore, if you are adding or upgrading your outside lighting consider using LED sensor lights with a short time setting. Set to 5 seconds giving an on/off sequence like the indicators in your car. This confuses the burglars and adds another thing for them to think about. Flashing lights are more likely to attract the attention of other residents which a burglar definitely does not want.

LED bulbs also help with our green energy requirements.