Vandalism in the playground – please report it

Over the last two months there has been increased use of the playground late in the evenings. The surface has been damaged a number of times, suspicious (possible drug related) litter has had to be removed, graffiti has needed cleaning and now one of the swings has been damaged.

We asked the Gardai to provide patrols during weekends and have now asked them to increase this to cover every evening of the week.

We have been fortunate that the three times that the playground surface was damaged it was been fixed quickly. Fixing the swing could take a long time as Fingal County Council will have to order and wait for replacement parts.

We appeal to residents in Riverwood Chase that face the playground to report late night playground activity to the Community Gardai in Blanchardstown (phone 666-7020) and to email them at and cc us too (


The swing was replaced on Tuesday 4 September, just over a week after the vandalism occurred. We appreciate that Fingal County Council acted quickly to order and install a new swing.