Garda Park Smart Appeal

The Garda Crime Prevention section recently launched a “Park Smart Appeal” to educate motorists about theft from vehicles and how to minimise it.

Some facts

  • 38% of all vehicles broken into were left unlocked
  • Driveway is a common location for these thefts
  • Over 50% of these thefts occur overnight (midnight to 7am)

Tips to Prevent Theft

  • Whether you park your car or van, take your property with you
  • Ensure your car is locked, alarmed and parked in a safe location
  • Store your keys safely, away from windows and letterboxes
  • Don’t leave coins visible in cup holder (thief will assume that there is more money to steal)
  • Add a second, visible lock on van doors
  • Consider using a steering wheel lock

Cash Security

  • Avoid using cash if possible
  • Conceal all cash when entering and exiting the bank/post offices/credit unions
  • Do not leave cash in unattended vehicles
  • Be aware of your own personal security, and report anything suspicious to the GardaĆ­ as soon as possible

More information

The Park Smart Appeal page has more information tips and a helpful video.