Gas Meter Replacement Programme

Gas Networks Ireland is running a Meter Replacement Programme to replace gas meters manufactured over 20 years ago. This applies to most gas meters installed in Riverwood. As a result you will see various vans in the area over the next few months. The vans could be from Balfour Beatty (as shown in the photo) or other RGI (Register Gas Installer) contractors.

As Gas Networks Ireland maintain the gas infrastructure, they will do the meter replacement regardless of your gas supplier. They will contact you by email or letter to arrange a time for an engineer to call to your house to do the replacement.

When the engineer calls to your house they will carry photo ID badges. As you will have arranged a time slot with them you will be expecting the visit.

The majority of the work will be at the meter outside. When the replacement is complete the engineer will need to come into your house to confirm that all your gas appliances are working. This will generally be the boiler and cooker, and a gas fire if you have one.

The new meter will start with a reading of zero. The engineer will record the meter reading of the old meter before replacing it and this reading will be submitted to Gas Networks Ireland and made available to your supplier.

The new meter

Press the red A button and the current meter reading will be shown. Some suppliers ask you to submit this information for a more accurate bill.