Bus Network Survey

You may have heard that the Dublin Bus network is being reviewed external consultants with a view to “fundamentally transform” it! BusConnects is a programme of initiatives that aims to change things so that journeys by bus will be faster, simpler, and more reliable.

A central component of the BusConnects programme is the Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign project, which is focused on studying ways to improve the design of bus routes and schedules in Greater Dublin. This study is about:

  • Where buses go.
  • What paths they follow.
  • How frequently they run.
  • How early and late they run.
  • How they connect with each other, and with rail services.

Members of the public are being asked to complete a survey at busconnects.ie and complete a survey to let them know your thoughts.
You may phone (01) 879-8300 to request a paper copy of the questionnaire.