Some bushes to be removed for safety reasons

We have asked Fingal County Council to remove the bushes at the edge of the open space area at Riverwood Drive/Glen and the bushes in the middle of the open space area at Riverwood Lawn/View/Grove.

Bushes to be removed (Glen/Drive)In both locations the bushes attract litter, whether dropped there or blown there. They are also a home for rats and FCC have laid poison there in the past.

For Riverwood Lawn/View/Grove, the height of the bushes was reduced back in late 2014. Obviously the bushes don’t stop growing and they are growing upwards and outwards.

Bushes to be removed (Lawn/View/Grove)For the bushes at Riverwood Glen, they can make it difficult to see the children playing on the open space area and it is easy for a child to “appear” from behind a bush while chasing a wayward football. Removing these bushes will allow children and drivers see each other earlier and allow each to react appropriately.

For these reasons we have asked FCC to remove the bushes and replace them with grass. If you have any questions then please contact us.