Holiday Security Tips

Holiday Security Tips if travelling out of the country:

  • If going by taxi to the airport or dock, there is no need to tell the taxi driver the length of your stay away from home and in particular if you are collected from your own hall door.
  • There is no need to add your full name and address on a tag to your suit case/s as the official airport tag fitted is all the carrier needs.
  • To identify your suitcase on arrival put a coloured strap or something on the handle to make it handy to collect your bags from the baggage belt. A simple tag with your name only is enough. The official airport tag also has your name for verification it is your case.
  • If bringing cash consider splitting between the responsible persons travelling to minimise loss. Or talk to your bank about withdrawing cash from their partner bank at holiday location.
  • Only carry basic amount of cash on your person.
  • Consider renting a safe at the location your will be staying and put passport/s, cash and travelling home documents.
  • If the key you get for your location has an identifying tag on it specific to your hotel or apartment, consider taking if off. If you misplace the key nobody will know where it belongs too. Report asap to hotel so new barrel may be fitted and new key issued.
  • If travelling with children consider giving them a simple password that they can remember. If by chance they are stopped and asked to be taken back to you, they insist on the password.