Weeding Road Edging

We are arranging for an estate Clean Up in a few weeks (Saturday 9 May is tentative date). Removing roadside weeds is a significant portion of the clean up, with picking up litter from the common areas another important part.

Not so pretty yellow flowers
Not so pretty yellow flowers
We are working with Fingal County Council Operations for a street sweeper to assist with the roadside weed portion. The street sweeper brushes are not strong enough to remove many of the weeks so we will need residents to use shovels to scrape the weeds out. The street sweeper will remove the loosened weeds. This is part is tedious so the sweeper allows residents concentrate on the weed removal. We have a gas burner stick that can be used to burn the remaining weed roots.

After - much better.
After – much better.
Some of the committee are getting a head start on the weed removal (without the help of a street sweeper). The end result is quite satisfying. The yellow daffodils looked nice but the yellow of the dandelions don’t have the same appeal.