November update

On Tuesday 11 November a house was broken into on Riverwood Copse. As a result of assistance of a member of the public, the culprit was arrested the following evening. Gardai tell us that the individual is likely responsible for 2 or 3 other burglaries.

riverwood-road-hedge-cuttingOn Tuesday 18 November FCC cut back the bushes on the Riverwood link road, between Riverwood Drive and Riverwood Park and on the opposite side of the road. It is a significant improvement. The issue was reported via last month –
It is worth using the web site.

riverwood-lawn-hedge-cutting-1Residents of Riverwood Lawn, Grove and View asked is about reducing or removing the height of the bushes in the centre of the open space area there. The height of the bushes meant that children playing within them could not be seen. The height of the bushes also had the potential to provide a hiding place for those with sinister plans.

riverwood-lawn-hedge-cutting-2On Wednesday 19 November FCC reduced the height of the bushes. If this does not work, we can ask them to remove the bushes entirely.