Green space maintenance

We have all noticed longer intervals between grass cuttings so the committee visited the Fingal County Council Operations Depot in Coolmine Industrial Estate to discuss solutions.

The first thing we did was get them to bring out a Road Sweeper. They swept Riverwood Drive, Glen, Chase and Copse.
We discussed plans to develop the plants and bushes on the edges of the green space area with the playground and tennis courts.

To help with the grass cutting the Operations team will spray weedkiller around the trees on the green space areas. This will benefit the trees too as the grass is depriving the trees of nutrients.

We have received reports of anti-social behaviour and littering in the middle of the green space area at Riverwood Lawn Court. The ring of bushes in the middle provides ideal cover for such activities. The Operations team suggested reducing the height of the bushes from the current 5 feet down to 2 feet. In addition to removing the cover for the anti-social behaviour, it will allow parents see their children even when they are on the opposite side of the bushes. We will canvass residents on Riverwood Lawn, Grove and View for their opinions before any changes are made.