Security – Beware

There has been a number of burglaries in the area with 2 incidents in Riverwood Court recently. These took place during the day and we would urge residents to be aware of any suspicious activity and to note down the reg plates of any suspicious cars.

We would recommend that residents:

  • always put on the house alarm when going out, even for quick trips
  • put on the house alarm when going to bed
  • keep any valuables out of sight, especially in cars
  • get into a routine of locking cars and doors, and putting on alarms each night

We suspect that people who drop leaflets into houses during the night take the opportunity to check car doors and houses as they pass. We would also like to remind residents that most, if not all, of charity clothes collection are fraudulent. Collected clothes are sold for export and the profits are not given to charity, contrary to the claims on their leaflets.