LCC/CC Enrollment Update

On October 5 a meeting has been arranged in Dail Eireann with the Residents Association, VEC, Leo Varadkar and Joan Burton to discuss the enrollment issue for CCC & LCC. We hope that a fair solution for Riverwood will be reached during this meeting and will provide an update to residents afterwards. The steps progressed so far by the Residents Association include:

Feb/March – Residents Association (RRA) learns that Riverwood is to be excluded from CCC catchment area
March – RRA call meeting and makes plans to try and get Riverwood back into CCC catchment area. Subcommittee formed, emails are coordinated to local TDs, Councillors, VEC reps and School Principals. Petition is organised resulting in over 500 signatures
April – RRA meets Brian Lenihan, Leo Varadkar and Joan Burton – all express surprise at the exclusion of Riverwood from the CCC catchment area. They commit to talking to the VEC on our behalf.
May – RRA meets VEC and school principals where we make presentation and propose solutions. None are considered and we leave disappointed at the approach of the VEC to the meeting and their response to our presentation.
June/July – RRA engages with Leo Varadkar and Joan Burton to pursue our case with the VEC.
Sept – Joan Burton arranges meeting in the Dail with the VEC, Leo Varadkar and RRA. RRA contact other elected officials to canvas on our behalf.