Update from LCC/CCC enrolment policy focus group

  • We have managed to get a meeting with Leo Varadkar on Monday 9th May
  • We are progressing the petition across the estate and expect to have this completed by next weekend.
  • We are awaiting feedback from the Parents Association in CCC.
  • We did eventually get a standard email response from Joan Burton (below) and will continue to push for a meeting with her.
  • The meeting with the principals and VEC head is due for the week starting Monday 9th May.

We are looking to get an idea of the numbers of children impacted by this policy so was looking for feedback from everybody with respect to:

  • How many children in each road is affected between 1st and 4th class (as far as you know – please respond with details for your road/area that you can speak for)
  • How many children in each year at your childrens school is affected as best you know.