Enrollment Policy – May 17 update

  • We have a confirmed date for meeting the VEC and the 2 principals for Tues 31st May.
  • We met with Leo Varadkar last week, he agreed to pass on our concerns to the VEC but wasn’t prepared to canvas on our behalf, he did note that it was odd that Riverwood has been excluded from the CCC Catchment area.
  • We met with Joan Burton yesterday (May 16), this proved a useful meeting and she mentioned that she had been in contact with the VEC in relation to the Enrollment policy with respect to Riverwood. She suggested what we should consider for the VEC meeting on the 31st. We asked her whether she could contact the VEC to see whether at this meeting they would be prepared to discuss options to include Riverwood.
  • We have been in contact with the Chairman of the Parents Association in CCC. Frank Lynch, the chairman of the residents association and parent of a son in CCC, is to meet the PA and raise the issues that the draft enrollment has caused for Riverwood. John Cronin is to be at this meeting also.
  • The number of people who have signed the petition is approx 440 and we will send an electronic copy¬†of the petition¬†into the VEC in advance of the meeting.

The next steps will be to follow up with Brian Lenihan’s office and to prepare for the VEC meeting of 31st May.