Contact info about LCC/CCC enrolment policy


  • Castleknock CC:
  • Luttrellstown CC:
  • Dr Marie Griffin, CEO VEC:

FCC Councillors

  • Peggy Hamill:
  • Eithne Loftus:
  • Mags Murray:
  • Matthew


  • Joe Higgins:
  • Leo Varadkar:
  • Brian Lenihan:
  • Joan Burton:
  • Ruairi Quinn, Minister for Education:

Here are all the names as an easy-to-copy list:,,,,, “Peggy Hamill” <>, “Eithne Loftus” <>, “Matthew Waine” <>, “Joe Higgins” <>, “leo Varadkar” <>, “Brian Lenihan” <>, “Mags Murray” <>, “Joan Burton” <>,

Below is the email sent by Riverwood Residents Association to the above list:

I am writing on behalf of a number of residents in Riverwood who are very concerned and angry at the proposed enrollment policy for LCC & CCC. There have been various stories about a “dividing line” through estates in Carpenterstown and following the publication of a draft policy on the LCC website this week, this indicates that Riverwood will be excluded from the catchment area for CCC. I would urge you to amend this policy and to include Riverwood into the catchment area for CCC.

Any school should be the centre of the community and CCC is considered that by the residents of Riverwood. Riverwood is very much part of this community along with the adjacent estates of Luttrelstown, Luttrel Park, Warren, Burnell and Bramley. Children can walk between many of these estates without even having to cross a main road, and children from Riverwood can walk/cycle to CCC without even having to cross a main road.

The selection of Riverwood into Area A is a very unfair choice removing many children from their current friends and peers when they would enter secondary school. It is also a very confusing one as there is an obvious natural divide between the 2 catchment areas and that is the Dr Troy bridge and the Canal/Rail Line. This is the more logical choice in dividing the 2 catchment areas.

From notices I have seen published on the 2 CC schools websites, it refers to “local community groups and politicians have been included in the process to discuss enrolment.” – it doesn’t appear that a community group from Riverwood was consulted on this and from discussions with some of the Parent Associations of the primary schools they have not provided input to this enrollment policy to date either – this is disappointing.

Many people would have chosen their house in Riverwood with its proximity to CCC – they would been relieved to feel that their children would have qualified for CCC on the current enrollment policy. This draft enrollment policy changes this for Riverwood residents and is unfair.